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July 25, 2008
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41.6 MB


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Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
SteelFlash Final 100k by Steel89 SteelFlash Final 100k by Steel89
:bulletred: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Compatible
(Read the FAQ Area at the end of the description)

:bulletred: Important Notes, Read Carefully:

If you like it, please :+fav: it :)
You can support my works by donating me some money from here: [link]

Please read carefully the deviation description and the included Readme before ask for support about the visual style and it's own parts.
At the end of the description there is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Area.

:bulletred: About the Product
SteelFlash is a professional and elegant visual style for Windows Vista, with calm colors and style.
Is one of the most customizable visual style because of a revolutionary mode to modify the parts of the visual style.
Many thanks to the betatesters for this release: ~him7x and ~Nosf3r


:bulletred: Package also includes:

:bulletgreen: 2 Visual Styles: SteelFlash Final (2008) and SteelFlash 100k (2009)
:bulletgreen: Patchers to change many parts of the visual style.
:bulletgreen: SteelFlash CdArtDisplay CAD Skin
:bulletgreen: Windows Vista x86 (32bit) / x64 (64bit) compatible.
:bulletgreen: 2 Sidebar Styles
:bulletgreen: 3 Logon Screens
:bulletgreen: Different Taskbars Patchers
:bulletgreen: Taskbar Button Styles Patchers
:bulletgreen: Context Buttons Styles Patchers
:bulletgreen: Start Buttons Patchers
:bulletgreen: Windows Media Player GUI and taskbar styles (x86)
:bulletgreen: Additional required fonts.

For the detailed rar content description, please refear to the included Readme file, with tips for the folders and files.


:bulletred: Related Packages
:bulletgreen: Tex Wallpaper Pack 01 [link]
:bulletgreen: Alter Wallpaper Pack 02 [link]
:bulletgreen: Oobefldr.dll Patcher (Welcome Center) [link]
:bulletgreen: System Files dlls [link]
:bulletgreen: Extra Logons + PSD [link]
:bulletgreen: Extra Shellstyles - Animated/Static [link]
:bulletgreen: Updated Shell32.dll and Top Gameux.dll [link]
:bulletgreen: Growing Aurora Wallpaper Pack [link]
:bulletgreen: Additional Patchers [link]
:bulletgreen: Centered Big taskbar trick [link]

:bulletred: Related Packages from other Artists
:bulletgreen: Carbon Flash Icon Package by TheDarkenedPoet [link]
:bulletgreen: SteelFlash 2560x1024 Wallpaper1 by Dreamchasermusic [link]
:bulletgreen: SteelFlash 2560x1024 Wallpaper2 by Dreamchasermusic [link]
:bulletgreen: SteelFlash Logon1 by Dreamchasermusic [link]
:bulletgreen: Growing Aurora HD Video by Janosch500 [link]


:bulletred: Misc F.A.Q. [Important]

To download the file, click on the Download button on the top-left of the page.
To open the .rar archive, us a zip program like winRAR: [link]
The visual style is perfectly compatible with both versions of vista, x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit) SP1 and SP2, but it is not been tested on the SP0.
If you have Windows Vista 64bit SP1 and want to use SteelFlash Final (2008 version) please download this package: [link]

Before use this visual style
- Make sure you have rightly patched your system with the uxtheme patches or vistaglazz.
- If you want to manually patch your system , follow this guide [link] and use these files You can find them here: [link]
- If you want to automatically patch your system, use vistaglazz: [link] (re-patch if you updated from SP1 to SP2)
- If you have Windows Vista SP2, you can also use this patch: [link]
I didn't tried it but thanks to ~cclloyd9785 for the submission.

To use a Patcher, place it where the visual style is located (C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\SteelFlash 100k\) and run it as administrator.

If you want to use the smaller taskbar instead of the original, follow these passages:
-Rename the "steelflash 100k.msstyles" to something like "steelflash 100k-copy.msstyles"
-Rename the "steelflash 100k normal button.msstyles" to "steelflash 100k.msstyles"
-Apply one of the .theme files on the \themes\ folder

To increase the size of the quick launch buttons, do that: ([link])
- Right click on a empty area of the taskbar.
- Click Lock the Taskbar to uncheck it.
- Right click on a empty area of the Quick Launch area between the dotted bars and the icons.
- Click View and click on either Small Icons or Large Icons to check the icon size you want.


:bulletred: Legal:
The modify or the redistribution of the included package, in part or whole, is Prohibited.
You can post a direct link to this page where you want, but you can't host the file because is property of the author.

2008 STEEL89.
Thanks so much to all my supporters and specially to ^mrrste for the Daily Deviation!
Thanks to all the supporters of this visual style and the beta version.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2008-09-03
SteelFlash Final by ~Steel89 Vista based skins are plentiful to come by but this one is an exception. Steel89 has obviously put a lot of work into this awesome pack containing many skins and managed to actually create a theme that looks like it could be a brand new and improved Vista ;-) ( Featured by mrrste )
DK33 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
still a great theme. brings back memory when i was in highschool and had this theme with win vista.
krlitox22 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
is compatible with windows 7 x86?
eyewasgr8 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
there is no download button at top left of this page.
GSXSGREASE Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Is this compatible with Win7 SP1?

Good skin btw :) Keep up the good work :)
Kidtendo Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm really confused on how to install this. When I select it in the Windows Themes Personalization window, it looks like a Windows XP theme and not like this
GSXSGREASE Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
How to use/install this skin

1. C:\Windows\Resources\Themes (copy .theme files and folders)
laisulla Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Student Photographer
Good Done
uzumaki492 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
ugh somebody plz help me i want the theme but it sais download image
eliasuchihao Featured By Owner May 5, 2012   General Artist
thnx ... very good...
JonnyPC12 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
I used this theme before I made my own theme, it was the best theme I could find! Here's my theme: [link]
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